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Latest Events welcome to my world






Photos from 31-5-2013 ------The day!









From Graduation Ceremony on 31-5-2013



From the defense day on 5-4-2013



Mohammad Aljaradin Graduation party



Arabic short introduction for the Thesis                                              Short Video from Thesis Presentation! 5-4-2013






Cairo 18-5-2013



The winning Team on the match 16-12-2012

PTA basketball game 2-12-2012




The wining Team of LTH football tournament 2012




Jordan Wadi Rum. July 10-13, 2012





 Houston, Texas, USA.June 25-29, 2012



Prague, Czech Republic 8th March, 2012




PTA basketball game 25-11-2011





Dubi Visit November 2011


Fathi Graduation 25-11-2011


Sardinia - Italy



The wining Team of LTH football tournament 2011


Raed Graduation 21/3/2011

Department Party 10/12/ 2010

Ystad -Department Visit 19-9-2010



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           Norway-Oslo                            Sweden-Halmstad                      Spain-Barcelona




     Austria-Vienna                          Czech Republic-Prague