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Teach undergraduate lecture, laboratory, or hybrid courses focused on various aspects of environmental science and biology at levels from introductory to advanced such: environmental analysis; environmental impact assessment and policies, along with sustainable management, waste management; soil mechanics; water and wastewater treatment; engineering economy; material science; geochemistry; sanitary engineering; engineering geology; solute transport modeling; greenhouse gases; hydrology and water resources. Create and plan courses, as part of a dynamic curriculum. Incorporate innovative, hands-on, dynamic, active-learning methods into courses. Keep current on new teaching strategies. Incorporate new pedagogies and technologies into courses, with the objective of creating strong, effective courses that engage students, courses that include a mix of theory and applications. As part of laboratory sessions, teach a range of environmental testing and analysis methods in media, such as, air, soil, sediment, waste, and especially water.

Engineering Economy , Material Science





 (Integrated water Resources Management), Jordan River Basin, project Assistance, Dept. of Water Resources Engineering/Lund University, Ht 2010.

 (Greywater), short seminar in Tafila Technical University for High Schools students & visitors, Tafila (2008-2009).

 (Lab Instructor),Tafila Technical University in the following labs: General chemistry, Organic chemistry lab1,Analytical chemistry, Instrumental analysis, Physical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering.

 (Introduction to Computer), Islamic Center and Muslim student in Lund, Sweden, 2010.

 (ICDL), Tafila Applied University College (100 Hours), (10th Feb. to 30th Apr. 2002).

 (Introduction for Computer), At Tafila Applied University College(84 Hours), (24th May to 28th July 2001).

 (Microsoft Access), For Vocational Training Corporation, Tafila Applied University College, (27 Hours), (19th Nov. to 7th Dec. 2000). (Computer Skills), Al-Fyrooz Computer Center from (15th Jan. to 12th Jul. 1998).



COURSES ATTENEDED: Courses During Doctoral Study.


-Landfilling of Waste Leachate, Lund, (Sep. – Dec., 2009).

-Geochemistry, Groundwater and Pollution, Lund, (Sep. – Dec., 2009).

-Computational Mathematics with Python , Lund, Spring 2010.

-Linear non Linear Multivariate Data Analysis, Lund, Spring 2010.

-Waste Management, Chalmers University Goteborg.(Sep.–Dec,. 2010).

-Scientific Information Management, Lund, Spring 2011.

- Introductory to PhD studies, Lund, Spring 2011.

-Teaching and supervision practice, Spring 2011.

 -Recycling of Electronic Waste, Spring 2011.

-HYDRUS Model course, Lund, (Mar.- Sep., 2011).

-Waste Characterization, Göteborg, (May-Sep., 2011).

-Hydrodynamics of lakes and reservoirs (October 2011).

-Moisture in materials and structures (Jan.-Dec.,2011).

-Technical Writing for publications(Aug.-Dec.,2011).

-Advanced modeling of water and contaminant transport in porous media, Prague, Czech Republic (6-8th March, 2012).

-Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, (Oct. - Nov., 2012).

- Communicating Science, (March 2013- Today)


COURSES ATTENEDED: Courses During Master Study.


·         Environmental Engineering.,

·         Environmental Engineering lab.

·         Treatment of Industrial Water.

·         Treatment of Industrial Water lab.

·         Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants.

·         Waste Water Treatment Plants Design.

·         Water Treatment Plants Design.

·         Hydrology.

·         Computational Methods in Water and Environmental Engineering.

·         Modeling for Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.

·         Stochastic Processes in Water Resources and Environmental Calculation.

·         Surface Water Hydrology.

·         Ground Water Engineering.

·         Engineering Hydro System Planning and Managements.

·         Advanced Hydraulics.

·         Water Resources.