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Staff (alphabetical) 

Teachers & Researchers

 Mohammad Aljaradin

 Lars Bengtsson

 Ronny Berndtsson

 Cintia Bertacchi Uvo

Hans Hanson

Hossein Hashemi

 Peder Hjorth

 Magnus Larson

 Rolf Larsson

 Catherine Paul

 Kenneth M Persson

 Magnus Persson

 Linus Zhang


Technical & Administrative Staff

 Lennart Grahn

 Christoffer Mĺnsson

 Carina Littrén

 Görel Svensson


Phd Students & Research Assistants


Claudia Canedo

Michael Cockrell

Denis Duda Costa

Carla Fernandez

Lena Flyborg

Kean Foster

Caroline Fredriksson

Alexander Keucken

Jing Li

Angelica Lidén

Dauren Mussabek

Erik Nilsson

Clemencio Nhantumbo

Jaime Palalane

Veronica Polzer

Estevao Pondja

Riza Sharapatova

Johanna Sörensen

Dadi Thorsteinsson

Kamshat Tussupova

Miguel Meque Uamusse

Sofia Westergren

Feifei Yuan






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