Tielin Zhang's working place

I'm working at the Dept. of Water Resources Engineering (TVRL), Lund Institute of Technology, University of Lund, in Sweden. In the official department HomePage, you can also find publication lists of mine and the colleagues at TVRL.

My research experience includes: Analysis and modeling of unsaturated flow; Rainfall-runoff modeling; Groundwater modeling; Urban hydrology as well as numerical model development.

My current research interests are: Combination of hydrological modeling with GIS/RS; Decision Support System (DSS) in hydrological modeling; Artificial Neural Network (ANN) application in water resources engineering; Water related environmental problems, etc.

My current projects:

Development of optimal flood control system. This is a cooperation project between TVRL and the Academia Sinica, China. The aim of the project is to develop a DSS package for basin-wide water resources planning and flood provention. The FLAPS System is the first product of this project.

How to combine the application of GIS/RS in Hydrology?

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